Stair design is important to the personality of a room or uplift visual surroundings of the living room. When it comes to design and remodeling of a home, staircase is often failing to be noticed when considering decoration. The staircase should not be taught in line to its functionality, but the aesthetic appeal more so when it is wood stairs. There are a variety of stair design styles that can impress when adopted into a home with staircases, including modern, simple styles or painstaking centerpieces. However, there are dozens of tips to design and remodel wood stair designs.

Contemporary Designs

A contemporary stair design is often unobtrusive and simple to the entryway or the room it inhabits. Clean, sleek or straight line curves are majorly used, as being white stair and light wood treads. Most contemporary styles are generally with no trim, molding or extras, and usually designed to resemble sculpture or art, and kept simple and plain. This style is designed to fit the whole home appearance.

Traditional Designs

This involves a range of styles and architectural techniques, from simple farmhouse, large to grand design looks. This stair design works well with any style home, and it is modified depending on the available space in the house as well as your desire. Wood stairs are common with varying colors. The traditional wood stair designs bring out the authentic flair and for prefabricated or intricacies styles can be obtained easily at hardware stores at affordable prices.


For the contemporary stairs you need no configuration outlines or style, and this is one of the most diverse and fluid architectural styles with little or none configuration options. As long as it’s apt the style, space and appearance of the home will be appropriate when it is simple and sleek. On the other hand, the traditional styles have 6 primary configurations. For instance, the straight staircases, the 180 degree turn and spiral style and the L-shape, circular and winder, which are best for mansions and other large homes.
Finishes will vary greatly depending upon the chosen styles and look of the interior décor.


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